New Musician Website Built Entirely with Hype3


Keep on practicing and familiarizing yourself with hype as there are things you can do improve your sites appearance and make it more accessible to and all devices. Also, you want to make sure your site is secured so google can index your page properly. Finally, Im recommending below websites as a source of inspiration. Keep at it!

Really nice work. Reminds me of the Flash days. A lot of creativity was poured into pages back then that mostly has gone missing favoring efficiency and mobile viewing. I love when I see projects that bring back the playfulness of the web!

Totally agree. I love the creativity of the site.

Thanks for the kind words. The flash nod was my intention as well as the absence of a traditional navigation menu. The “dial controller “ flashes at different points around the image: TV dial for my bio page, the speaker for music, the pen for email and finally, the headlined newspaper for my interview. The controller is present on everypage, taking the visitor back to the main page with one click—pretty simple, really.

Thanks, Hype for a great, creative tool!