New Jump to Scene Transitions (UPDATE)

simple question,

Wondering are you all “Tumult”, going to add new scene transitions to the Hype program any time soon?

If not, Is there a way users can create their own…Im looking foward to some kind of page flip in between scenes…or some of the cool flips android phone themes have between pages.


Hype v4 will have a smooth page turn transition, but that is the only one planned for this release.

I think it is a good feature to add to allow customizable scene transitions (they are in fact powered by the same animation engine as everything else), but can’t comment on when/if that would land.

Do you have specific examples of the android flips you’re referring to?


Attached is an example of a “cube rotation” Scene transition - no coding - just using Hype’s interface. (202.8 KB)

If You think of Hype’s feature set as a “construction kit” You will find that You can create all kinds of effects (along with some judicious use of JavaScript when needed).

Here is the thread were this example started:

Additional Notes:
Notice that the transition(s) occur in the same scene - then there is an “instant” jump to the target scene. i.e. when we go from Scene 1 to Scene 2 the “transition” effect actually occurs in Scene 1. Going from Scene 2 to Scene 1 - ditto - the transition effect occurs completely in Scene 2 and then there is the instant jump to Scene 1. This is the type of pattern You will find useful in constructing your own custom effects.