New Jump to Scene Transitions (UPDATE)

(D'Allah T Jones EL) #1

simple question,

Wondering are you all “Tumult”, going to add new scene transitions to the Hype program any time soon?

If not, Is there a way users can create their own…Im looking foward to some kind of page flip in between scenes…or some of the cool flips android phone themes have between pages.


(Jonathan Deutsch) #2

Hype v4 will have a smooth page turn transition, but that is the only one planned for this release.

I think it is a good feature to add to allow customizable scene transitions (they are in fact powered by the same animation engine as everything else), but can’t comment on when/if that would land.

Do you have specific examples of the android flips you’re referring to?



Attached is an example of a “cube rotation” Scene transition - no coding - just using Hype’s interface. (202.8 KB)

If You think of Hype’s feature set as a “construction kit” You will find that You can create all kinds of effects (along with some judicious use of JavaScript when needed).

Here is the thread were this example started:

Additional Notes:
Notice that the transition(s) occur in the same scene - then there is an “instant” jump to the target scene. i.e. when we go from Scene 1 to Scene 2 the “transition” effect actually occurs in Scene 1. Going from Scene 2 to Scene 1 - ditto - the transition effect occurs completely in Scene 2 and then there is the instant jump to Scene 1. This is the type of pattern You will find useful in constructing your own custom effects.