New Hype 4.1.1. Update | Large HYPE-708.*.min.js file

Hey guys,

what did you change in this update? I am exporting banners and the *.js file is huge.
This will result in a problem for the advertisement branch of Hype.

They look the same to me? (Exported a blank document)

Interesting. How come I am exporting the thin.min.js before the patch and now all I get is the full.min.js, @Daniel.

Can you send us an email so we can see what you have in your document which is requiring FULL?

The document you DM'ed us has Vector Shapes in it, which requires the HYPE-NNN.full.min.js runtime. This has not changed from v4.0.0 to v4.1.1, and there are no other changes that would have modified the logic of the choices. Perhaps you added these elements at the same time as upgrading?

In fact, the runtime sizes dropped by 20 bytes between v4.0.6 and v4.1.1:

thin.min.js full.min.js
v4.0.6 56,715 93,264
v4.1.1 56,695 93,244

I would recommend looking at the sizes and make sure they match. If for some reason the runtime sizes are much bigger, it could be that you are using the hidden preference to export an unminified version, which I have sometimes suggested to hackers on the forums. You can reset this by entering this command int he Terminal:

defaults delete com.tumult.Hype4 UseFullHypeJSTemplate

We do carry an archive of older versions here:

The document format is the same in 4.0.6 and 4.1.1, so you can try the older version with your document and there won't be any incompatibilities. It might be good to look at all the exported files and make sure the sizes are the same. When I do so with a standard export, the only difference I see is the 20 fewer bytes from the runtime change.

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