New Forum Software is Great

(Freelancer) #1

Jonathan, Ryan, and Team Tumult -

Just want to note that I really like the new forum software! Easy to use, clean, lots of features - a tremendous improvement over the old forum. I haven’t had much free time to play with Hype 3 Beta itself yet but have been checking the forum periodically and I must say… I’m impressed!

Thanks for making this an excellent experience… JP

(strmiska) #2

yes, i agree - like the forum a lot. great work! :slight_smile:

(stephen) #3

@Daniel deserves all the credit. Thanks Daniel!


Glad you like it, @johnapurdy!

I’m still discovering cool things about the forum software (Discourse) every day. It’s great to hear that you’re having as much fun with it as I am. If you notice anything weird, please let us know. We’re beta testing these forums as well so we want to make sure they’re solid for the upcoming release.

We’ll keep the Beta group around for our loyal beta testers, of course. It will remain hidden from non beta testers.

Here’s a few forum tricks:

  • You can reply to emails from directly from your email client

  • Drag images into the reply text area to include them (supports ZIP files as well).

  • As you’re writing a post, you can navigate around the site or close your window and your draft will be saved.

  • And more:

(Freelancer) #5

I haven’t noticed any weirdness yet, @daniel. One suggestion: once this new forum goes live, it would be good to have it include some of the reference articles from the old forum - those are very helpful and I find that I go back occasionally when I need to look something up again.

Great work implementing it; thanks for putting the time and effort into it… JP



That’s absolutely the plan – and even better, the articles (the first post on certain topics) can become an editable wiki so people can help us tweak and perfect these articles!