New feature | Detect File Width and Height

Hello Tumult Team,

I would like to see an option in Hype that detects the different file width and height between the placement and imported file. And so asks the user if the placement size should be adjusted to its file size. This option would be a time saver in the Advertisement Cluster of Hype. See image for visual refference

For instance:
1920x1080 file is used for an Animation and we have to make an adaption and import a 1080x1920 file. I now have to manually change the size of this file in the ‘size’ information tab.

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That and the ability to set your own customized startup layout including fonts, background color, canvas size would be a dream to have too. :kissing_heart:

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BTW the option should check also the real resolution and asks it the image must be 1x, 2x, 3x and so on. If you use a smaller image the fitting option doesn’t not work properly. The problem is the natively resolution of the image, and also user skills.

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Make a template?

This bothers me too :slight_smile:. Thanks for the request! I’ll have to give it some thought, because there are definitely times the resize behavior is nice, and I’d hate to always be throwing up lots of dialogs. I will note that at least there’s the “original size” button!

We can probably look at the filename and determine this if there’s no DPI info in the image.

@[quote=“jonathan, post:5, topic:9451”]
1x, 2x, 3x and so on.
to be honest in this post I was joking!
Users sometimes misinterpret the original function of Hype. In many platforms need an external plugin to do this, even in programs to websites

an improvement of the current version would be:
1 choose to use 2x or not; a further checkbox
2 Use media query with brackpoint and not the detection 1x / 2x to assign the image version