New document on launch

When i start Hype from the dock it always loads a new project (document).
Why not load last used like other OS X application does?
I always have to close it and open my last one anyway.,

I hate that.

I also hate how it makes new rectangles with a 1pt border. I end up turning off the border, but then having to resize/move the element because it shifted.

It seems like these could be nice preference settings…

On launch - Open (New Window / Previous Document)
On new element - Include border (Yes / No)

The window on launch might be part of Apple’s tediousness. I’m not sure, but I think they want an app to quit if there are no open windows.

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Also, I hate how Helvetica is the default font. While not much different, somehow Arial seems nicer to me. HA!

That seems like a nice preference setting too. Perhaps the default font could be Trebuchet. The developer should be able to decide.