New Bundle System based on Export Script Interface (dev thread)

I moved the thread here as this project emerged from Hype Power Pack but got more involved. Hype Power Pack is still reasonably simple, and I will leave it on GitHub as is.

This thread will be released under a new name soon :wink:

Next Update includes error handling for the Closure Compiler and some options for the compiler and unpacking of user written Hype functions. As I am busy with regular work, updates might slow down a bit, but there is certainly much more to come. Here is a sneak peak of something I just finished …

  1. The errors found by the Closure Compiler are added to your source (line numbers are adjusted accordingly)(1) and Closure Compiler errors offer some valuable insights.
  2. If code compilation fails, the uncompiled code is included giving you the full debugging capabilities you get from the regular error or when not using the Closure Compiler option.
  3. Hence, the line numbering and full regular error descriptions are usable to track errors stacks, as already possible since version 1.0.4. of Hype Power Pack.

1) I even made sure to get the indicator correct from the lineno and charno data provided by the compiler.
The error layout is modelled according to the online appspot version.


Another sneak peak and new name:


  • Modularity with bundles
  • Bundle activation/deactivation without terminal
  • Easily insert code in known locations (head/body), in HypeDocumentLoad
  • Error reporting for Hype functions (for regular users)
  • Error reporting from Bundles (for bundle devs)
  • Error reporting from Closure Compiler (for regular user and bundle devs)
  • Closure Compiler code caching (meaning only code changes trigger new API requests)
  • Closure Compiler can be enabled for exports but also on previews now
  • Closure Compiler is still completely optional!

Open / Future ideas:

  • Full round trip for document arguments to bundles (needs support by Tumult)
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