New Blocs Support Hype 4.0.3

Is it a special export? How does one create an export for Blocs App?

It will be in the next version of Blocs; @Norm can fill in on details or beta info when ready :slight_smile:.


Hey, everything is covered here.

I’m a nutshell you just export as normal from Hype (for web) and drag the hyperesources directory onto the Blocs canvas and Blocs hooks everything up. Then just drop the Hype embed bric into your project and select your Hype project from the dropdown in the Blics inspector.

Blocs also supports a hype preview mode that works like Hype mirror it’s pretty wild, that’s a separate Bric.

We are currently running our public beta of Blocs 3.4.3 which includes all the new under the changes for Hype. V3.4.3 Build 3 will go out tomorrow, and some updates to the embed bric too. But it’s all running in it’s current release if you wanna take it all for a spin.


Pretty Sweet @Norm looks like I have to get busy with Blocs App 3. Though not long ago I was a blocs app 1, 2 user but with 3 I kind of gave up partly due to it being different in many ways not just the UI, hmm, now that I think about it I actually saw that as a negative don’t know why and still to this day can’t wrap my head around the idea. I just hope Blocs 4 is not completely redesigned and rewritten again as 1 and 2 was even though it was done for the right reasons. See, what I love about Hypes UI its familiar as features are added with every major release though underneath there are significant changes and its still accessible with little or no learning curve. I understand Hype and Blocs App are different applications and are meant for different projects or mediums, my hope would be if I start with Blocs 3 now since Im invested in it and I want to know it’s not going to be overhauled completely again?

If you don’t mind for Blocs 3 I will be using it as a public beta seeing as though I don’t know what lies ahead for Blocs App 4? I know its too soon to even think about 4 but hey why not? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Sure I understand. Blocs in many ways still functions similar to how it worked way back in 2014, when Blocs 1 shipped. But some aspects have changed a lot, more so due to functionality being built out, version 1 and 2 were very light in many areas.

Blocs 4 will not be a radical change from 3.

But honestly, just use the tools that work for you, that’s what I tell to everyone.



Looks really great.

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@Norm first time user to Blocs – just got a license – very excited about being able to integrate my Hype docs with it!