New and Need Help Exporting and uploading!

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Hi Everyone!

Let me start off by letting you know that I am incredibly new at all of this and have little to no experience with web hosting and things of this nature. That being said…

I’ve created a very simple animation I want to use for some digital signage we have at our restaurant. In order to put it into our digital signage I need a URL for the animation. I have been told that I need to do the following:

Hype creates html5 and javascript files.

  1. You will need to export the entire folder or package of these files.
  2. Then take the entire folder and host it in rise storage or your own hosting service.
  3. Once you have it there you will need copy the absolute link to the .html file and add it to the settings of the webpage widget found in our store.

I get completely lost after step 1 haha. I have a web hosting account with BlueHost, as we used to host our website there but no longer do. The hosting account is still active however. I hope hoping someone can help me in VERY laymen’s terms get through this process.

Any help would be IMMENSELY appreciated!

Thank you!!!

(Nick ) #2

When you export your hype document you will want to go to
File, Export As HTML5, Folder.

Once you do this it will create an .html file for your hype document
and it will have a hype resources folder with it.
The hype resources folder is where all the code and links to your images reside.

On Bluehost you should be able to take that .html file and the hype resources folder and put them both into the same directory on their server.
As long as they reside in the same directory then they should work.

However, I see that you are using some sort of e-storefront?
What is that software because it might need a different setup.

(Samantha) #3


When you say e-storefront are you referring to the digital signage I mentioned? If so, that is risevision.

Also, how would I go about getting the files onto bluehost?

Thanks a bunch!


Once you export your document, you’ll have an .html file and a resources folder. Both need to be uploaded to your web host. I recommend reading the ‘FTP’ instructions on your web host’s documentation:

(I recommend Cyberduck if you don’t already have a program to upload your files FTP).

(Nick ) #5

I just looked at RiseVISION and noticed that they want you to use their templates to setup your signage presentation. This would mean that you might want to create an iFrame in their template to display your Hype.html document.
I would definitely contact them

And tell them that you want to display an html5 animated presentation using their system. And see what the next best steps would be.

(Samantha) #6


I did that. They are the ones that told me to host the .html and resources files on a hosting site. Then use the URL for the html animation in their website widget.

So I know how to get the animation into my presentation, I just don’t know how to upload the file to blue host and get a URL for it.

Thanks for your help!

(Samantha) #7

Thank you Daniel, this is helpful.

(Samantha) #8


So I got the file uploaded into BlueHost into the Public_HTML file. When I try to view the animation as a URL I just get the 404 page. What could I be doing wrong?

-Both the .html file and the resources folder are in the same place
-My website is no longer hosted on BlueHost, could this make a difference?


So you uploaded your file to Bluehost. But:

Maybe you should send me a personal message. (Click ‘private message’ here).

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