Negate a condition (opposing status)?

Sorry for my english, I hope that you understand what I mean.
Is it possible “negate” the action “MOUSE OVER”? I need have a condition like " NOT MOUSE OVER" because I’m tryng to get more complex buttons reaction.
I hope that it have not do with Javascript… :frowning:

rethink your ambitions and you’ll find that a ‘Not Mouse Over’-Event does not make any sense :slight_smile:
I’m sure that you are looking for something different …

You can capture the event and prevent it from doing anything but at this stage it may not be a good idea for someone to point to or show any example because it is unclear what your real goal is.

I think you want any mouse over events ignored but you want mouse down etc.

If you can explain this in detail and with an example it may help us to help you.

Can I write it down for you in Italian? :smiley:
Okay, I’ll try to explain myself better, I apologize if I was not clear before…
I would like to create a button that reacts like this:

  1. if the user is above, an animation starts in which the graphics of the button marries on one side while on the other comes out a description. The area becomes clickable.
  2. when the user is not above that button (he leaves the previous condition) the animation returns back.

With the tools of Hyoe I can not solve. I have tried many combinations but if, for example, I am able to activate the animation, the whole thing does not work as it should…

Here the button “News” is inactive

Here the button is active because the mouse is over, but if mouse go out of the News button the animation don’t start and go back…

The logic seams to be… run a timeline at default but on a MouseOver on news stop the timeline. So no need to inverse the logic.

Mhhh…I believe that I have not understand what you mean…if I stop runtime at default how get I a back animation?

I forgot…I’m not using the Hype button tool but an image…

Hype offers the same mouseOver mouseOut on any element. If image or button is of no consequence

I solved! I insert a invisible button on “news”, in this way I can control better the action and get click too!

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