Need some awesome 3d? Here you go

I was searching for a nice way to display some 3d models. Since we are using the Marmorset Tools, I had a look at a possible integration with Hype. It was quite easy to integrate the basic functions, so I thought I will share it with you…

I have not tested it (yet) fully offline on iOS (will do it if I have some time) but it is working perfectly in HypeReflect. So this COULD be a way to use Marmoset models offline on iOS… Maybe also in iBooks? Who knows? :slight_smile:

The provided Models are copyright of Joe Wilson and Viviane Herzog from the Marmoset Gallery – please respect this!

Have fun and create something cool!


EDIT: I was a bit too optimistic with this :slight_smile: It seems that only Firefox can run the viewer locally. Safari and Chrome will not load the 3d-files. So I think there is also no out of the box iOS workflow for displaying local 3d content… I know that there must be a solution to get this right with Cordova – but maybe one of you JS gurus has an idea how to sanitize the local URLs…

Here is an online version of the project that should run nicely on all browsers inc. mobile:


This seems like an awesome app, Ive played around with it but I wasn’t able to see exported html using chrome or safari. is this what you were talking about when you said only works with Firefox when viewed localy?

looks like SimLab 9 does this too.