Need Hype freelance programmer

Hello, Hype Programmers, I am an epic 3D artist, with lots of irons in the fire. I seek a freelance programmer to help with my iBook project. The book is nearly assembled, I need help with Skills like widget autoplay on page landing and/or shake to start play. Epic 3D animated book, first in a series, destined for huge success. I’m swamped with 5 software packages and pipeline, can’t…absorb…any more…knowledge.

If this works out, looking for help on more fun projects and world domination.


This is a setting in iBooks Author.

Not recommended, as how would the widget be played on the desktop?

This is trivial to do though, but I’m not looking for freelance work. I was just replying to unanswered threads.

Suggestion - if you really are an epic 3D artist, maybe you should post up some of your best work. It might encourage some freelancers to reply.

Hi Michael,

It’s a setting? Where is it hidden?

(D’oh) I hadn’t considered desktop implications, maybe a “mobile or desktop” switch?

Posting some work might help me with the boasting, you say?

In the Widget settings, there’s another section called “interaction”. By setting the widget to “play on page” and “plays automatically” the Hype project should start running once the reader is on the page with the Hype project.

Be careful though. Too many widgets on the same page, or if the widget is really intensive, the book can crash.

When I attached the image it also sent before I could finish typing…decaf?

I also wanted to say, in this order:

Thank you. I appreciate your advice/knowledge.

Effe! I can’t post my current project until Launch, you just have to feel the quickening.

Disclaimer: The image I sent you, from an old TV advert is the property of the respective 800 Lbs. copyright holders, I just worked on it (3D), tracking, animation) with many talented people (everything else). Most of the work I do is belong to giant studios, mega corporations, shadow agencies. Shhh, the neural nets are listening.