Need help with layout and image sizing

Hi there,

I am new to Hype.

My scene size is setup to 1920x1080. I have added a background image of the same size to the scene. When I go preview its not scaled at all


Hi Shivani!

Your Hype project attachment has disappeared. It was here the other day.

But from my brief look at it I think You are going to have issues with the background image as various layouts do not have a 9:16 ratio. It would be better to have the background in just 2 pieces - the (2) motifs in the upper left & lower right corner; and use a Hype rectangle for the rest of the background (which I remember as a solid color). This approach saves on bandwidth and allows you more options in designing layouts.

Hmmm… I just noticed that there is no mention of layouts now in your post, and that You edited it. Well what I have just written is still valid in case You still are planning to do layouts.

Hype Project: (320.3 KB)

Make sure You have selected the “Original Size” button (with a scene to match).
Here my image is at its full-res (1024 x 768) so the button is dimmed.

If you intention is a “Flexible Layout” make sure the “Scale” checkboxes are selected for “Width” & “Height” (sometimes You might want only one or the other selected depending on what You are try to achieve).

RE: “Flexible Layout” - here are some settings to get You started:

Read more about using “Flexible Layouts” here.