Need help with hover animation

(Canny) #1

Hello all,

I am new to Hype and I have no background in website designing / programming. I want to make a portfolio website for myself and decided that Hype is the way to go to make a simple, responsive website.
However I am stuck to this one problem, in the file attached, I have tried to make a picture frame (button) on which if I hover, the text underneath will appear and the picture fading out. It’s very simple but the problem/questions are

  1. when i hover my mouse very quickly, the picture did NOT fade back in.
  2. Is there an easier/simpler way to do this without having to have a timeline for each picture?
  3. I do not understand why the text (which has an animation from 0% opacity to 100%) is visible on the starting on the website, instead of staying on it’s 0:00:00 timeline, which is transparent.

Really appreciate if anybody can help me with this. (759.7 KB)

(Greg) #2

Since you already have the timelines in place, try reversing the timelines on the Mouse Out instead of going to 00:00.00

(Canny) #3

Thank you! I did not think of that. Since you have seen the file, am I doing it right? So if I would to have 10 of those “categories” or projects, I will have to have 10 timelines? And also, on the Scene Inspector, set Scene Load for everything to go to 0:00:00?

Thanks a lot !

(Greg) #4

I’m not sure why you are doing that. Should they change with the timelines?