Need help with hover animation

Hello all,

I am new to Hype and I have no background in website designing / programming. I want to make a portfolio website for myself and decided that Hype is the way to go to make a simple, responsive website.
However I am stuck to this one problem, in the file attached, I have tried to make a picture frame (button) on which if I hover, the text underneath will appear and the picture fading out. It’s very simple but the problem/questions are

  1. when i hover my mouse very quickly, the picture did NOT fade back in.
  2. Is there an easier/simpler way to do this without having to have a timeline for each picture?
  3. I do not understand why the text (which has an animation from 0% opacity to 100%) is visible on the starting on the website, instead of staying on it’s 0:00:00 timeline, which is transparent.

Really appreciate if anybody can help me with this. (759.7 KB)

Since you already have the timelines in place, try reversing the timelines on the Mouse Out instead of going to 00:00.00

Thank you! I did not think of that. Since you have seen the file, am I doing it right? So if I would to have 10 of those “categories” or projects, I will have to have 10 timelines? And also, on the Scene Inspector, set Scene Load for everything to go to 0:00:00?

Thanks a lot !

I'm not sure why you are doing that. Should they change with the timelines?