Need help understanding why my timelines would stop automatically

Hi, I am experiencing a strange behavior with this pretty simple sketch. It is a simple Mouse over/Mouse out action, but when I go over the different blocks slowly, everything works perfectly but if I go too fast, some actions (the mouse out parts) are not completed… Anyone has an idea why that is?

Note: Noticing the problem, I didn’t bother animating every single box.

Thanks for you help (29.2 KB)

Can you send your .hype document in a zip file? I think what you sent was a zip of your export.

Sure, here: (25.7 KB)

The problem is simple… you use (at least on the first squares) the following …

  • a TimelineAction with a pause action (after time X)
  • your mouse out event just triggers a continue timeline
  • if you move your mouse at “normal” speed (longer then time X) the pause action is reached before the continue is triggered. So continue can actually play the rest of the timeline (good case).
  • if you move your mouse quickly (mouse out before time X) then your continue is triggered before pause is reached and pause halts the animation on the “expanded” state (error case).

One quick solution is …

  • don’t put the shrinking on the timeline just play the timeline in reverse on mouse out

If you need diffrent animations for mouse over and mouse out (and reverse playing isn’t a solution then)

  • Use different timelines and make them “relative” then trigger them on mouse over and out

Works like a charm.
And it makes sense. Thank you MaxZieb.