Need help to create simple animations for my startup business

Hi, Im new here. Not even sure if my request is … acceptable. I dont see any category for work offers?

So, sorry if I step on anyone’s toes here, but the fact is this: I need help to create some simple animations for my start up business. I am trying to explain to people how my technology is functioning so I need some type of educational animation which illustrates (or animates) the functionality in a simple way. I already have a guy drawing the basic models for me, but I need help to set the parts into action and create animations. 2D is just fine. If you can help or know anyone, please drop me a line. I will of course pay but we are working in a very strict start up economy and have little to spend. It is very likely that we will get investors because many have already asked.

Ok, so if this sounds interesting to you, please go ahead and send a message.



Without the drawings, we cannot be much help. One would assume that the drawings, when assembled, would show a finished product. Much like the Dyson Adverts, but you are looking for it in 2D. So the images would need to be transparent (.png).

Once you have them, post back :smile:

Hi thanks for answer. Im currently working with an illustrator and I think I can provide the drawings. If I understand you correctly - you can either help or know someone who can? Is there a place where Hype practitioners offer their services? I would be willing to make a reasonable offer, if the product was professional and visually attractive. Obviously I would need to provide the basic materials. It would be great to start a conversation with this someone at an early point in the project as I would know more about the process and the requirements.



Hi, it’s a case of we can help.

But this is a support site, rather than anything else. Personally I would rather folk did not offer money, but ask for help to do it themselves. Even if 90% is done by the community, if it helps others to learn the capabilities of Hype and how to achieve them, it will help countless others, promote the app, and show its potential.

What you are looking to achieve looks a good challenge for Hype, so I would be happy to help :smile:

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If you’re looking for Hype-related work, we do have a google group available where you can post looking/seeking work:!forum/tumult-hype-freelancers

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