Need element to function only after animation

I have an exit element that plays a popup animation in reverse to close out of a popup box. It is invisible, however if the area where it lies is clicked it plays the reverse animation without the popup box being opened.
To test click the broccoli and exit out of the opened popup by clicking the "X"
Then click where the “X” was after the popup minimizes.
Here is my hype file, the animation is currently only in the largest layout.


Group the Rectangle and the X together while in the Main timeline… Then move them of scene to the left.

Position the X in the top right hand corner of the group frame.

At the Start of the broccoli time line the group (broccoliGroup) should still be outside of the scene.
Select the broccoliGroup in the elements panel, and set a to its current property Origin Left at 00.00:00.
Then add another keyframe at 00.00:01 and over the broccoliGroup to be over the broccoli.

Your other keyframes should remain the same.

farm.hype (516.4 KB)