Need advise for a large project

I’m working on a large project for our museum wich consist on a touchscreen displaying whole history of the exhibitions.
With a clic on an artist (at the moment only the red squared one is activated) a new scene is loaded with selection of work pictures.
Probably there’s a most elegant manner to do so… my goal is to permit two selections at the same time, one in the left middle side of the touchscreen, the second in the right side (see jpg image).

Any suggestions are welcome



Projet Time line (1.8 MB)

what could be a simple and easy to manage way:

  • split the main page from the exhibitions
  • each exhibition then equals one single hypedocument
  • load them on request in an iframe

this can be done by setting an id to your buttons that equals to an url for the exhibition.
the button-behaviour will show a hype widget and set the src-attribute of the iFrame to the elements id.

for the button:

hypeDocument.getElementById('theIdOfYourHypeWidget').querySelector('iframe').src =

Show and hide of the widget can be done via timelines …


Thanks for the answer Hans-Gerd,

I don’t understand what you mean by splitting the main page.

every artist page should be its own hypedocument.

those pages would then be loaded in an iframe when requested

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Ok, I see. It is what I have understood. I will try this way. Thanks again !