Need a helper with simple Hype project

(Joe Zeff) #1

Hi there. Trying to build something in Hype and simply not experienced enough to make things go smoothly. I’m building an interactive prototype for a phone app — need the header and footer to be pinned, and the middle to scroll. Pretty straightforward, right? Would send a file, likely go back and forth a few times. Please respond with an hourly rate to help me figure this out. Thanks!

(PixelArt) #2

Hi, I can help you out just gotta know exactly what I would be doing and what is your budget in mind, from there we can figure it out. I got experience in web making and making apps.


lol, I literally just answered this in another thread. Here you go:

  1. Group your scrolling content.
  2. Resize the group to fit within the screen
  3. On the group in Tab 3, set Content Overflow to Scrollbars:


Example: (203.6 KB)


And that will be, uh, 0€. 30 day terms acceptable.

(Anna) #5

I would be glad to assist you.
I am having an experience of +5 years in Web Programming and I have an excellent track record of client satisfaction and giving quality work to the mentioned deadlines.
Looking for your response.

(PixelArt) #6

Developer in action

I am developing a project based on Hype, I ask your experience in this software, how is your knowledge in javascript using it in this software, you can customize madulas and actions in java for Hype. if it is contact me to my email and we chat

(Joe Zeff) #7

Thank you SO much!!!