Need a Freelancer to get my iOS version 1 App over the hump and into the App Store


(Connor London) #1

Hello Hype community!

I am looking for a Hype freelancer experienced with hype documents in Xcode to get Version 1.0 of my app onto the App Store.

·Specifically I need assistance with WKWebView and enabling the url links on my hype mobileindex : to go to their respective pages in Xcode.

For later versions I am also looking to delegate:
·Building a User name and password portal / storage.
· Connecting a PHP or My Sql database to the iOS App for A/B testing and user data aggregation
· Social Media plugins.

Please message me if you’d be interested in tackling some or all of these tasks and go over my company, Meander Media’s vision, Giving Art the Technological Update it Deserves. As well as, discussing how our relationship can be mutually beneficial, including payment and equity options.

  • Connor London
    Founder. Writer
    Meander Media