Navigating in an HTML Widget where one page was made in Hype

I am developing a web site where the primary page is built in Hype. That page has an HTML widget that displays children and sub-children pages written in HTML. This is working just fine. When moving between HTML pages, all of the information stays within the HTML Widget window as desired. The problem I’m running into is one of the sub-children pages uses sprite animation and it was easier to do this in Hype than develop the entire thing in Javascript. Everything works fine UNTIL you click on the HYPE button that should send you back to the child page. When you do, the primary page is lost and the child page now displays full screen (instead of within the widget). I recreated a demo of this at:

I set the site up so you can view the HTML code by leaving off Issue_demo.html. The Hype files (Hype 3 Pro) are stored at the root in a .zip file

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.

**edit note: shouldn’t try doing this late at night - please forgive the URL reference to Hype5 - it should have been 3, but my tired brain isn’t cooperating.

Instead of using the Go to URL action, run javascript with this code:"./child_page.html", "_self");

(it is a long standing request that we expose different targets in the go to url action…)

Thanks, Jonathan. I was really stumped on that one since the standard HTML pages did not require a target to function properly.