Mysterious Symbol font change on iPad

Ok so I’ve created a symbol on my hype project which cycles 4 lines of text.
All 4 lines of text are Helvetica 16px.
On a computer screen (anything above tablet format) the symbol works fine, but on an iPad the font of the 4th line of text in the symbol changes to New Times Roman, while the others stay the same.

On the inspector it shows Helvetica, and when I start the symbol timeline in Hype it stays in Helvetica, but when I preview it in a browser, or upload the finished hype file to our server, it switches to New Times Roman.

Completely baffled at this point, can’t seem to find any difference in settings between the 4 lines of text, and only the 4th line seems to be affected.

Any info or suggestions would be very helpful!

font formatting are managed by the browser (webkit) and not from Hype.
Moreover Helvetica is not web-safe.
I’m not sure but probablyt is also a copyrighted font, so you need a license to use it if you load it as webfont.
In any case you should load a new font as a web font.

Lol… it’s the default font you start with. :upside_down: Makes me wonder why if it gives trouble down the road?

Reminds me to put in a feature request to have more options to start Hype up with, like #mycolor_of_background, #myfont-type-size-color, #myprefered_windows_size