My New Website • That French Designer

Hi there!

Finally got time to finish up my new #madewithhype website and ditch the old WordPress one! Thanks to the pandemic… :laughing:

It still needs some tweaks, but it's usable! Swipe and arrow keys navigations works.
Feedbacks are welcome.



Looks great! Really great contrast and it's easy to get around. I would just do a couple things:

  • Give the 'next' button a yellow BG and invert the text to make it more visible
  • For the text shown when clicking 'about this project' I would use an SVG export of that text so it is sharper or do a high res transparent PNG (if you can't use that font)
  • The lower left 'graphic / brand / interface designer' text is clickable but it's unclear what it does, and different words link to different timelines
  • The iPad Pro layout blocks some text
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Thanks @Daniel for the feedbacks.

No one uses an iPad Pro vertically, though!!? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: It's one of the tweaks I need to do.
Could you send me a screen capture of the ‘about this project’ text? I need to see what you see.

screenshot here - Looks like this is only happening on a 1x resolution external monitor in Firefox -- I wouldn't worry about it!

Love it… could use a little preload optimization and there are some delays when clicking on the next previous button. Apart from that…

Really Great Job! :smiley:

I love the color palette - it looks like they belong on the cover of a design book :slight_smile:.

Thanks @jonathan! Means a lot.

@MaxZieb I will, thanks.

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Wow! :open_mouth: That is some bad anti-aliasing indeed! Well done Firefox… :sweat_smile:

:grinning: really well done :+1:
and not tied up by wordpress ... good choice!

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I get what your saying and this design ist a testament to good graphic design over the focus on accessibility and responsiveness. These WordPress pages look often boring. But, you can also use WordPress as a headless backend. Either by consuming data through an REST API or what I recently did was to render ACF data directly into the page in a script Tag using JSON. That way no loading needed and I could use it with Hype Data Magic in Hype.

I love this.

Truly one of the nicest sites I have seen.
Easy to get about.
One thing though, since you had the left and right arrows In only did that.

I nearly missed that you could swipe up/down and only did it by accident.

Maybe an arrow to show that also?