My first Project is finished / more Performance

My first animation is almost ready.
And I am very frustrated. I have a lot of time needed.

The animation runs smoothly on iMac (OX Yosemite, current iBook).
But on the aktually iPad Air with current iBook is running smoothly to 80%.
On the iPad 1 with iBook 3 you can forget it.

Does anyone have an idea what I can change the document?
I’m glad to any advice. Martin (1021.6 KB)

maybe depend on the VIVUS library.

From the github page

"WARNING: animTimingFunction is called at every frame of the animation, and pathTimingFunction is also called at every frame for each path of your SVG. So be careful about them. Keep it simple, or it can affect the performances."

check also this discussion about the "stroke" attribute.

hope this helps

Your project would probably run a little better if you removed the stuff that isn’t being used. For example, the Vivius library and the function that calls it aren’t required. Your animation runs just the same without them. All the empty “myCallback” functions probably aren’t helpful either.

Hi drewbullen,

Thank you for your feedback.

I understand correctly, that I should do better not stroke animation?
Or with the same stroke animation and delete something.

A screenshot would help me.
I do not know where I can find the empty “mycallback” function
and the Vivius livbary incl. function, to delete this.


Hi Multimago,

Thank you for the link.

This is very hard to understand, because my english is bad and sometimes i need google translate.

Runs my animation exactly the same without pathTimingFunktion and animTiming function?
Or I have to change something on Javascript that the stroke animation is better?


first of all I#d try to run only the animation within the viewport and not 5 animations on each sceneload …

Hi Hans-Gerd Claßen,

You speak german? My english is not perfect.
Was ist ein Viewport / what is a viewport?

Der Viewport ist, was sie in Ihrem Projekt zu sehen :slight_smile:


ich habe keine Erfahrung mit iBooks …

Grundsätzlich würde ich erstmal die svg-Animationen rausschmeißen und testen was die Performance sagt… Sollte sie gut sein, dann schauen wie vivus vielleicht zu beschleunigen ist.
Auf jeden Fall würde ich auf jeder Szene nur das SVG animieren, das auch in der Szene vorkommt …
Z.B Script so ändern:

 var sceneName = hypeDocument.currentSceneName();
    case 'Szene_Europa' :     new Vivus('beispiel', {type: 'delayed', duration: 200}); break;
    case 'Szene_Indien' : new Vivus(... ; break;
    default : new Vivus(... ; break;

Hallo Hans-Gerd,

Wow, vielen lieben Dank! Sie haben mir wirklich einen konkreten Tipp gegeben.
Jetzt gibt es wieder einen kleinen Lichtblick am Horizont.
Das werde ich jetzt gleich einmal versuchen. Danke nochmals!

Viele Grüsse

Guten Morgen Hans-Gerd,

Ich habe Ihnen eine Message geschrieben.
Ihre Idee war wirklich gut, zuerst die svg Animation weg zu lassen und die Performance zu testen.

For other english speaking persons:

  • without stroke animation, my project is much faster (no shutter on iPad Air)
  • on old iPad 1 (at the beginning of path animatin, shutter)
  • on old iPad 1 (between scenes (shutter and a short white frame)

Now, the best way is to optimize my stroke animation, to make the animation much faster.
Someone has concrete ideas how to modify exactly the javascript function (best way)?


Hi Folks,

My beta2 File is now ready.
I have cleaned the library, the JavaScript (stroke) also.

The problem is the same. To slow on a aktually iPad (in iBooks).
Does anyone have an idea how I can save resources?

2 Problems:

  • First Screne, First frame: The airplaine is jerky by the start of the animation.
    What can I do better?
  • The plane (path animation), and the Stroke animation (Javascript) is not running synchronously.
    Sometimes, the line is faster than the aircraft. What can i do?

I hope that an old fox has an idea.

Martin (1012.4 KB)

Edit: :smile:

had a look on ipad and saw that all vivusanimations are causing problems.
so you should replace them with hypeanimations … seems to be a solution …



i did a few changes. most of it affecting filesize. so after all the export is about 1 mb from 2.6 mb.
Guess there’s still a lot potential as you’re scenes include a lot of images …

I really don’t know if this’ll be better on Ipad1 within iBooks … :smile: but less should be more :wink:

one vivus-animation within third scene throws an error. i disabled it. you may have alook to the svg-code there … (1.1 MB)


The File-size is much lesser, some things by the animation much better.
Thank you for the great support. I will try anything to make the animation faster and faster.

I will test it later on the oldest iPad1.

Thank you!