My first Hype project, would love some feedback

Hi everyone, I been bugging you for a few weeks with lot’s of questions about Hype, and I thank you for being patient and your help.

I work for on the interactive team, and developed this little experience to show how much Palm Oil is used in your home. Palm oil is one of the biggest contributors to deforestation in the world.

Here It is. It’s locked at 16:9, and thats intentional. If you’re viewing it on a phone, rotate to landscape.

Would love some feedback. :smile: Some things currently are not working (Email signup at the end, sharing)



Nice informative piece.
Everything worked smoothly on my desktop Mac running Mavericks + Safari.
Your current house schematic is much better than the one You started with.

The first one was just using stuff I found on the internet. I still wanted the initial house to be flat, and then crossfade to isometric to show depth.

But time/budget/effort restraints kicked in.

Well done, nice project and amazing graphics, I love flat style.

This project is suitable for HypeDocks !

Nice work. For the e-mail at the end I would use a service like Mailchimp and integrate it into the project. You could do it yourself using an AJAX call to your server and using a lang like PHP to save the info to your server. Much less hassle if you use a service of some kind though.

Looks great! The different rooms work really well conceptually. For a hundredth project this would be good :slight_smile:

Seeing slightly stuttery performance on an iPad Air 2, and the text boxes are a little too small for the font you’re using which is causing some line breaks.

If the stuttering bothers you, I’d be happy to take a look to see if the zooming can be optimized.


I already do have an AJAX call written and implemented in there, just waiting for our email signup endpoint to accept POSTs cross origin. :slight_smile:


The font issues should be cleared up by now.

The stuttering does bother me, but I’m not sure what could make it more performant. All assets are SVG, and that house image is only about 200k. Its just a resize and translate over 1.5seconds. Scale and translate has the same performance issue as resize and translate, but the SVG rasterizes then.

I’m not exactly sure what to do, other than perhaps use a JPG? But I want the crisp resolution.

Ok, so here’s the context of this project. You can see it here

Or just the hype


Very cool project, Lucas! And for a great cause.

Wonderful! A great example of how to use Hype

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