My First Hype for product animation

(Muhammad Ilham) #1

Please review and suggestion for this…

(Trey Yancy) #2

Make the ball into an easter egg. Make it static but move when you click on it. You can insert a rectangle just below the bottom edge and use physics to make the ball collide and bounce. Make the rotation speed of the ball correspond to the distance traveled.

(Muhammad Ilham) #3

thanks for your suggest TYancy… i’ll try it…

(Muhammad Ilham) #4

updated with additional to chose other color for product using HSB

(Jonathan Deutsch) #5

Very cool!

(Muhammad Ilham) #6

thanks jonathan… :blush:

(Freelancer) #7

nice! the isometric view seems a real 3D.
only one thing, The white paint should be completely desaturated.

(Muhammad Ilham) #8

yup you’re right… but thats mean I need to split image between the colors, so that’s will create many images. Is there any option maybe?

(Freelancer) #9

You can edit only the original image, just select the white area and desaturate this selection.

(Muhammad Ilham) #10

As you know I didn’t use any duplicated image from the original image to change to other colors if that you mean it, I just use the simple one that I use Saturation, Brightness, Hue on hype and make it timeline to have option to change colors…

(Freelancer) #11

open your image in photoshop ( or another image editor with support for selections).
Select all elements of furnishing in white and desaurate this part. No further images, only a better usage of your photo.

(Muhammad Ilham) #12

Hmm… let’s me think about this…
Ok, This is my work collection, most of them using hype --> but some still draft (not complete yet)…