My First Game, A drag and drop game with score

This was based on a really, really old game that was first completed in Flash. The game is called Organ Match, the concept is to sort the organs by the system of the body they belong to.

I would like to personally thank everyone who has posted information on how to handle drag and drop in Hype, as well as many others. I was able to use this forum to look for answers and examples, and the plethora of resources here helped me a great deal!

There is more to complete, I think I can share it now. The only major issue I have questions about is the fact that sometimes when an item is dropped, it’s hard to pick it back up, even though eventually it works.


Well done!

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Well done! And I love the bouncey ‘You Win’ at the end :star2:

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Thank you!

Hi Alex! Nice game! This is a 1276x800 resolution, correct? Why did you choose this resolution? Seems quite big…

This hype file was 1920 x 1080 because I love working in high resolution. It’s big on purpose :wink: