My brand new portrait website

My brand new portrait website online comments welcome
Full Hype site


Very Nice.

I would prefer a inline div to display the Large images. centred . instead of the popup.

Same with the reference video. And boy did that startle me when it started playing straight away with my volume right up.
Would prefer to start playing it rather than auto play or lower the volume…

There is a bug on the contacts page where the bottom row of thumbs keeps fading in and out. probably a waypoint activation if thats what you are using

Very nice, and beautiful photography.

The page did take a while to load; and many images came in much later all said it took 48s for a full load of 25.8 MB… you may want to look at increasing the compression of images especially any which are set to preload.

The other feedback would be for the waypoints to only trigger once, so when scrolling back up the page retains its form. This can be done with a ‘continue timeline’ action and not setting ‘can restart timeline.’

Hi Ben!

I would go with the previous suggestions as well. Overall, I like how the portfolio flows - a nice presentation.

A great job with your lighting & poses, wonderful textures & coloring. I think this site accomplishes your goal - clearly a skilled, thoughtful imagist who knows how to get the shot.

Hi Mark,

Thanks for your reaction !

About your first line : I would like to do that but I can’t find out how.
Can you tell me ?

Excuse my English , I am trying…

About the video and the contactthing, Thanks, I’ll look into that.
Overhere ( the Netherlands ) its late at night, so not right away, but I will.

Again, Thanks
I appreciatie your reaction.


Met vriendelijke groet,

Ben Kleyn

Verstuurd vanaf mijn iPad

tanks for the feedback, all ! Made some changes. Better ?
question : how do I do this ??

I was just knocking up an example from one of my templates.

This version tries to take into account scrolling.

The idea is you show hide your gallery player using the display property.

Doing this means when it is hidden it will not be interactive.

In this example we have at the player and it’s close button grouped in a group that we control the position of.

We do this by running on scene load :

 //-- we make sure the Gallery always is centre of document
var gallery = hypeDocument.getElementById('gallery');  
  window.addEventListener("scroll", function() {
    hypeDocument.setElementProperty(gallery, 'top', $(window).scrollTop() +50, 0.2, 'easeinout')


This keeps the galleryPlayer in the right place even after scrolling

The gallery group is also inside another group called ‘blur’.

The blur group is slightly bigger than the whole scene.
It is set to hidden using the display property.
And is given a timeline that will show or hide it ‘showHideGallery’
The time line changes the opacity and display settings of the blur group.

Because the gallery group is inside blur group, it will show and hide also.

The blur group’s uses the Apply mode property background blur to blur everything behind it when visible.

The thumbnails and close button control the timeline ‘showHideGallery’. (307.2 KB)

tanks for the feedback, all ! Made some changes. Better ?
question : how do I do this ??


I believe this is my example of an Image Gallery. If you look in the forums (search for Image Gallery) I believe there is a post about it. With examples.

@benkleyn Here is a reduced version showing you the popup only (453.5 KB)

great art of photography!
one can feel your passion.

btw.: this may also be a lightboxapproach quite easy to manage: Lightbox gallery proof of concept