Must click twice to trigger action

I have created mouse actions for various objects but in many instances I have to click twice to trigger the action. The hand cursor will appear, recognizing that a mouse action is attached, but a single click will not trigger the action.

Is there a conflict between click / tap and mouseup / touch end?

Hi Trey (@TYancy)

Can you upload a copy of the file? Maybe a little more information on how and when you are applying the actions.


I’m thinking it’s not so much about a conflict, as there is a difference in the settings. I built an abacus with Hype. It seemed a little sluggish, taps not responding, until I used a different setting.

Untitled (322.9 KB)

This is a sketch. The issue is with the burger button. To encourage visitors to scroll before jumping directly on the menu, I have put a delay on the burger button, with a 2 second fade-in at 7 seconds. Click on the burger button to drop in the menu, with a second click (on an invisible object) that causes the menu to retract. The cursor detects the object but it takes two clicks to get the item to respond.

Hi Trey

I believe it’s because you have a “Pause Timeline” keyframe in your Button Timeline that’s conflicting with your button’s Continue Timeline action. If you remove the keyframe it will work with only 1 click on the button and not 2


I’m having the same type of problem. In chrome, I have to click the “Boring Pattern” drop-down, make a selection, then click on it again to make it update in the text box. It behaves this way on android as well but not safari. Any clues?

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In your case, you are using the On Mouse Click action for the element containing your form. So the code is not being run at the correct time. Instead you should add a function to the onchange attribute of the <select> control and call code there. There are many ways to do this; since you have an ID for the control you could add code for On Scene Load that looks like:

hypeDocument.getElementById("subjectc").onchange = (function(e) {
    hypeDocument.functions().boringFunction(hypeDocument, e.targetElement, e);

Thanks, but I gave up. I decided to use timeline based dropdowns. They work great. And also as a “stepper”. But thanks for the reply.

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