Museum Accordion Exhibition Kiosk - Stretch Screen - Raspberry Pi

We’re prototyping new touchscreen experiences. This set-up has been dubbed the “Digital Rail” and includes a 1920 x 710 stretch display from Crystal Display Systems with a multitouch overlay (no multitouch has been incorporated in this presentation, though). Content lives on a Raspberry Pi 3B+ running Raspian Lite and automatically boots up into Chromium in kiosk mode. Presentation includes scene timeouts that return it to the “home” screen and screensaver timeout so we don’t burn out the displays if there’s no one in the room.

Unfortunately, the quality of the video content that was supplied to us is all over the place, so you can see samples of really good WebM-HD and really bad samples. We couldn’t allow every sample to be played on the web to due licensing restrictions, so the presentation on the link below is not the same as what our guests can access.

Accordion Exhibit Digital Rail 1


Awesome, thanks for sharing with us! The widescreen format looks great, and I love how you built in a screensaver into the Hype doc. Did you hit any issues getting this onto a Raspberry Pi?

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Main issue is that Chromium doesn’t handle .MP4s, so all referenced videos had to be in WebM format. There’s also no complicated animations or transitions for fear of overtaxing the processor. We did early testing with some intense animations on vector objects (x,y,z rotation and scaling) and the RPi doesn’t like it very much, so for this and future applications, we plan on staying within the limits of the processor’s abilities. If we need a presentation to do more, we’ll probably need to bump up to something like an Intel Nuc. We’ll see where the technology is when we get to that point.