Multiple timeline help

Oi oi!
I’m having trouble with timeline behavior.
I set up a nav bar that runs a new timeline for each item clicked.
A little ‘active’ bar slides out when selected and then plays in reverse when the next item is clicked.
It’s only working on the 1st nav item.
I’ve been smashing my head against the wall for all day on this one.
Any help/pointers would be greatly appreciated.
Cheers!! (40.0 KB)

A little confused to what the problem is ?

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Hi Mark!
Thanks for taking a look at this.

Counteracting Distraction plays in reverse.
None of the others do.

I also wouldnt mind if the 1st one acted like the other 3. they just all need to be the same

Hi Rob!

Demo Hype project: (46.3 KB)

The attached file is set to work as in your first scenario… when another item is clicked the currently visible “active bar” slides out of view and the newly clicked item’s “active bar” slides into view.

There was a conflict with the “Main Timeline”… all the other timelines ran (reversed) but You also had the playhead jump to a specified time on the “Main Timeline” when an item was clicked e.g. :


Your “active bars” for 3 of the timelines were set to be hidden on the “Main Timeline”. I set them to be visible (default state).

Once this sliding was fixed it was clear the timing for the bars sliding was inconsistent:

#1 - Some bars were set as:
The previous bar would slide back out of view while simultaneously the “new” bar slides into view.

#2 - Others were set as:
The “new” bar would slide completely into view before the previous bar slides back out of view.

I chose to set the timing for the bar sliding to be that of #1 - simultaneous sliding - thought it looked better.


You are a diamond mate!!
Thank you!

Coming from After Effects can be tricky when it comes to timelines vs comps…but I’m getting there.

I really appreciate your help.