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So I’m trying to work out how to have multiple sizes within one project file, designing for Programmatic sizes (300x250, 300x600, 970x250, 728x90, 300x50) is there a way I can supply all these sizes to DCM without building each one? Ignore that statement, different layouts work fine with the width breakpoints, is there a way that I can take into account the height as a breakpoint for the ones with the same width 300x250, 300x600, 300x50 :smiley:

I’ve scoured the forum & Google resources but can’t find anything of relevance to help, happy to be proven wrong.

Thanks everyone! :slight_smile:

you may try:


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The links @h_classen provides is probably the best if you are looking for a single .zip file that adjust on width and height.

It isn’t clear if you wanted multiple zips for each size though, just from one project file? If so, there’s a few items to bring into consideration:

If you are specifically using the DCM export script, you will need to note that each export has a section at the top that uses the first exported scene’s width/height:

<meta name="ad.size" content="width=${width},height=${height}">

(the ${width} and ${height} get replaced during the export)

So if you only had a single scene/layout and just use Flexible Layout for repositioning elements, you’d still need to either manually produce a DCM zip for each size, or if you use the DCM export script, go in and modify these for each.

If you are using multiple scenes or responsive layouts, then you can use the File > Advanced Export… item to produce various export slices on a per-scene or per-layout basis and have those each use the DCM export script. If there’s only one layout per export slice, then the breakpoint won’t really matter since it has nothing to switch to.

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Cheers for the above, I’ve found the Advanced export which is ideally what I’d be looking for but even using the DCM export script it puts additional js etc. in another folder (see attached) the AE is advanced export & the 300x50 is the standard export using DCM script? Which is affecting the ad validation on Google :confused: 10

You can individually select slices and choose the Export Script, so make sure you do that for both ‘slices’

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What an absolute pleb I’ve been! :sweat_smile:
Thank you so much Daniel!

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