Multiple rollovers


Im still having issues using multiple rollovers whilst building a webpage. Can anyone offer any guidance here please?

Firstly, I had a boundary issue, which I have now resolved by resizing the text on my rollover.

The issue I am having now is that when I preview the page in my browser, all rollovers on the page seem to action together. Yet each rollover has been created as an individual symbol, so Im confused why this is happening and sometimes the animation doesnt run at all it just flits to a solid version of the symbol.

So to describe whats happening… I have around 8 small circles in close proximity of each other, that when I rollover them, I want a very basic animation actioned from the rollover (the animation is a stalk/pin that shoots out from the side of the circle). Each of the 8 circles are symbols. I access the symbol area before adding each animation. I have paused the timeline on scene loading and on symbol loading. Then ‘inside’ each circle symbol, I have added a short animation. I have then updated the property inspector to ‘continue timeline on mouse over’ and 'continue timeline on mouse out (play in reverse). When viewing in browser the 8 circle symbols play together on rollover of one of the symbols or flit to an image of the solid/stalk pin with no animation.

Can anyone shed any light on whats happening here please???
Im going to try an upload something for you to look at now, so you can see whats happening…
Kind regards

ok. so my colleague has advised that rollovers wont work with all browsers. So with that in mind, im going to rethink the design and remove rollovers.

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