Multiple results via selections

Hello all :slight_smile:

I have an issue I am running into that I cant seem to solve. My brain has hit a wall it seems :brain:

See file attached for my example doc…text (32.1 KB)

The user experience should be as follows:

The user clicks a piece of text (right now they are labelled Text 1, Text 2 and Text 3.)
That text appears below as a “result”.
This will happen two more times to make a total of three results. They should be any combo of the text selected which I seem to have working at the moment.

The red dot below each result deletes that result and the user is able to make another selection.

This is where I run into my issue…

If a user has 3 results selected and deletes the first to select a different result, they must also select the 2nd and third results again in order for the final “select” button to appear.

When all three are selected and one is deleted, is there a way to make only the result deleted appear without having to go through the other results a second time?

My initial thought was utilizing relative timelines in some way but I am having a hard time getting the result I desire.

Thanks for any help in advance :slight_smile:

You can build a basic incrementer/decrementer with an alternate timeline. The basic setup is that you would have pause timeline actions for each “count.” Then when the user does a positive action, you continue the timeline. This will get it to the next pause point. When a user does a negative action, you would continue the timeline in reverse. If they have completed the final step then you can have another action that triggers something else.

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