Multiple Pages within Same Project

Dear Tumult,

It would be great if there was a way to include multiple pages within the same Hype project.

This would increase the level of structural “project hierarchy” by one level.

Page(s) would contain
- Scene(s) would contain
– Layout(s)

The main reason for this feature is that my team is using Hype to build mobile advertisements that are “expandable” in nature. From the user’s perspective, there are two “panels” that make up the ad:

  1. the initial (collapsed) panel — sometimes called the “banner.” This is the panel that users see initially when the ad is served to them.
  2. the expanded panel is the 2nd portion of the ad that users see only if they tap the initial banner.

The ad server that is being used requires that the initial banner be represented by an HTML file named index.html and that the expanded panel to be represented by a separate HTML file named expandable.html.

Currently Hype 3 seems to only allow a single HTML file to be exported per Hype project. If there was any way to make 2 HTML files get exported, that would be great.

Our current workaround is to maintain separate Hype projects for each panel of the single expandable ad. There is one project for the index.html file and another Hype project for the expandable.html file. We need to export each project to HTML5 separately, and then manually consolidate the exported projects into a single folder by dragging the necessary files/folders from one Hype project folder to the other one.

Then we ZIP the consolidated folder and can upload it to the ad server as the expandable ad.

Thanks for your consideration of this feature!


I would like to second this request. For those of us that use Hype for web design, this would be a handy feature.

Currently I have to create a separate hype document for each page of a site which needs it’s own URL (eg:;; etc). My clients generally need to be able to direct people to specific pages on their website, so using scenes for separate pages is often not suitable.

I understand that Hype is not primarily a web-design tool, but the reality is it creates great-looking websites, so I’m sure this feature would be of use to many people.



Thanks for the suggestions!