Multiple KeyUp KeyDown Combinations - Tangible Interface

I’m using a javascript library ( to control my animation based on KeyUp/Down from sensors. All is working great in my prototype except in real use I will always have a key that is left in the down state. This is preventing my events from firing correctly. You can see what I’m trying to accomplish in a 45 second video here. I made this video in hype and was able to fake it using two keyboards and releasing all keys before my next interaction - not possible in production environment. The javascript is actually very simple in my hype file but it’s not quite doing the trick. Here is the hype file (137.3 KB)

Maybe my approach is wrong, maybe just need a little javascript tweaking. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Hi @drake

Not sure I’m following correctly.

What are the sensors?

How do users interact? Using a keyboard?

I must admit the video didn’t help clarify the situation :smile: However, I’ll look at your Hype file and see if that helps. Can you elaborate little more. Why use the library for example? Any reason?

@DBear This is for a trade show booth. The sensors are magnetic sensors and detect switches - in effect doing the same thing as a key on a keyboard. The emulator allows you to assign “keys” to the sensors. Instead of pressing a key and holding it down, I’m using a sensor.

The users interact with notched cards and a slider but I test with a keyboard (or two) - same result.

I’m not married to the library it just made it easy for me to create the combinations. Also, it has a couple of nice features. 1. It prevents multiple keydowns when a key is held down. 2. It deactivates browser functions tied by default to certain keys.