Multiple drop zone quiz

(Jean) #1

I have a image quiz (395.4 KB)
here you have to drag the answers to the drop zone. I want any answer to be acceptable and upon finishing it to then check if it is right. I’ve searched all over and cannot find anything similar and also can’t figure it out. My alternate would be to enter the answer and then submit which I also can’t seem to function. Any help would be appreciated as I’m not good at code. Looking to take a class this year if anyone has any suggestions of what to take that would be great too. Thanks!

(Jonathan Deutsch) #2

There are some solutions searching for “Drag and Drop Quiz” - this one looks pretty similar:

(Jean) #3

I did see this one but it tells you when you are wrong and I don’t want that until all of the boxes are complete and it is submitted. Plus it is super involved when I don’t know code. I seriously went through all of the drag and drop examples on this site.

(Jean) #4

Here is the completed working file if anyone is interested. (505.6 KB)

(Jonathan Deutsch) #5

Very nice, thanks for sharing!

(Pierre-Y. Plourde) #6

Thank you very much for your generosity.

If possible, a little help might be appreciated .
I am trying to adapt your work to other sizes.
It does not work directly when you simply add a given size.
I figured that it might be an ID conflict but it is probably more related to my false reasoning somewhere!
Anyhow, I just decided to duplicate your functions, rename them and change variable names and ID as well.
For the desktop size, for example, I used the new HitTestDesktop(), onSubmitDesktop(), onLoadDesktop() functions. Unfortunately it is not working as you can check in the attached file.
What would be then your recommendations to make it work?

Thanking you in advance. (444.4 KB)