Multimedia Learning and Learning Sciences

Multimedia learning is learning from words and pictures. The rationale for studying multimedia learning is that people can learn more deeply from words and pictures than from words alone. A goal of research on multimedia learning is to understand how to design multimedia learning environments that promote meaningful learning.

As a learning systems engineer and developer I have been using Hype for the past 5 years as creating HTML5 animation and widget to be embedded in Adobe Captivate, Storyline, Rise, various LMSs, and as standalone job aids for adult learners.

I feel that educators and developers; whom are sometimes lightly funded and trained in the arts of design and development would greatly benefit from Hype. I am taking this topic to show how an educator, at any level, be able to make that connection between the learner and content to reach and accomplish the learning objective.

I will begin on how to use Hype with Rise and Storyline. More to follow.


I agree 100%, I worked for a year to produce slides for high schools. With a team of professors reviewing my work. It was a beautiful experience and I confirm that hype is perfect for this purpose

And also a personal project on romans monuments in my city.
Hype is rock!!


I'm looking forward to hearing more!

Looking forward to this thread!
I've been using Hype, Storyline and Rise as well. I'm particularly interested in tracking learning analytics across the authoring tools holistically. Which is now possible.

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