Multicore for video export

I'm using Hype for overlayed animations for video content and animation video's. I know that most people are using after effects for this, but since I'm very familiar with Hype I'm not even thinking about getting to learn AF.
I'm working on 40 episodes of e-learning, that's almost 5 hours of animations, exporting these video's can take a while. So I was hoping that Hype can use multiple core of the gpu for faster rendering.

Another thing: these video's are 25fps. Exporting a 25fps png sequence works fine, but it would be easier if you can change the framerate of the timecode ruler to 25fps, or even 24fps.

Eh, I like to go get a Sandwich or take a nap. It's fine. :smile:

Seriously, it is kinda slow. I too make educational videos and I just ran a test. It didn't seem like Hype was fully taking advantage of the multiple cores. Although, I just ran another test and it didn't seem like Final Cut Pro was taking full advantage of my Mac's CPU either. (I expected it to use all available processing power, but it doesn't seem to do that.)

With all this promotion of lots of cores, does it really make a difference? :thinking:

That's why I mainly focus on single core benchmarks… Mac Benchmarks - Geekbench Browser …as I don't seem to be getting the many times more performance from multipage cores.

Anyway, are you not seeing this option?

Yup, FCP doesn't seem to use all CPU/GPU on my MacBookPro M1max... :face_with_raised_eyebrow:
I use png-sequence exports (need alpha-channel) and I can change the framerate. But I'd rather have a timecode ruler with the same fps as the video... :wink:

Unfortunately there's not a feasible path to be able to do this for two primary reasons:

  1. Hype renders using a WebView of which we have no control/insight, in fact a large reason for Hype's rendering being slow is because we don't even know when a frame is complete and wait a bit just in case the webview takes a while.
  2. Hype allows for JavaScript to run which can effect later frames

So the bottleneck isn't CPU/GPU utilization, it is a knowledge bottleneck currently.

Okay, than I’ll have to schedule the exports in lunch and dinertime. Fine with me!