Multi Page Sprite Sheets

I have several interacting png32 animations about 600 frames long, varying in image size. I need to create multi page sprite sheets for each layer. I see that I can import images via Hypes sprite sheet tool, but the tool seems limited to a single sprite sheet per insert, forcing me to import small groups of images ( this works but very slow process).

I have a separate program (Texture Packer) that creates multipage sprite sheets quickly, but I am unsure how to import images then convert them to sprite sheets . Am I missing a simple solution?

So, my questions are... Can the SpriteSheet tool create multi page sprite sheets or how can I import Sprite sheets?

My search results under multi page sprite sheets did not really seem to answer my question directly.


Do you think you could post an example of what you have for one of your animations? I'm confused what you have as a starting point -- is it like this, where multiple animations are in a single image?

Here's our documentation for Sprite Sheets which you likely already saw: Tumult Hype Documentation

I can put something similar together to illustrate the point and so you can see why I am using sprites versus embedding a movie or gif etc.