MRAID experience?

(Dennis van Leeuwen) #1

Who has some tested knowledge with MRAID online creatives in conjunction with Hype 3 (Pro).

I am currently making a 320x50 px banner. But Hype’s thin.min.js (51kb) kills of the wanted kb size I would need: 80kb, together with the other assets.


Hi Dennis

No info on MRAID sorry but have you looked at the optimisation threads for banner ads on here? Specifically outsourcing the Hype runtime files?


(Dennis van Leeuwen) #3

Yeah… I can delete a few files after export.

But in short. The whole timeline functions of hype are thrown into this .js file, so that me and other can animate with ease. :slight_smile: I love that, but hitting a brick wall of a no go atm. on the file size.

This is the Banner. It’s a whopping 118kb. Where before 1st Sept. the file size was 40Kb. They now updated the size to 80kb. MRAID.mp4 (539.3 KB). The Polite loading of Hype, lets the banner view in a nice ease.

But a computer controlled system of AdServers, just read booleans filled with if “is the zip file 40kb?”= accept, else = decline.


This is taken from here The correct way of adding Adform clickTAG with Hype

To lower file size for restrictions, remove the full, thin and pie scripts from the exported HTML folder.Upload the thin script to an external server of your choice. Link to it from Head HTML instead:

<script src="http://your.external.server/projectname/js/HYPE-XXX.thin.min.js"></script>

Create a Rectangle as a button over your scene with Opacity set to 0%. Add an Action on Mouse Click.Run Javascript. Create a new function called clickTAG():

function clickTAG(hypeDocument, element, event) {‘clickTAG’, ‘’),
dhtml.getVar(‘landingPageTarget’, ‘_blank’)

This is what I was referring to. Could you not do something like this?


(Dennis van Leeuwen) #5

I’ll start loading the script external. But it will mean, for each banner I’d have to upload a js.library. :slight_smile: Oh dear.

The rest is not the problem. I thank you for your help DBear.


What library?


(Dennis van Leeuwen) #7

That Library.


but you can just upload that once and then reference it in your head HTML for each of the banners, no?

Effectively creating your own CDN.

What you would have to upload for each banner is your generated script which would be much lower.


(Dennis van Leeuwen) #9

It would be nice if users could see what line in the generated is needed and we could delete the rest. Ideally a 10kb library would be perfect.

GSAP’s TweenLite.js is only 10kb and that helps. But that means, hand writing the online creatives again.

Do the Tumult Team agree that this could help the wave of washed Flash-Banner-Builders to join the ranks of Hype3 (Pro), if such a library is reduced in size?

Google Webdesigner writes the js-script-part minified inside the html head and bottom body. See the provided html. (76.4 KB)

(Dennis van Leeuwen) #10

So back to Handcoding banners. Did a few tries with Hype, but in this stage where the hype.js is a whopping 50kb and most Adservers still hold on to their false religion of 40kb per banner I am forced to do it different.

Will wait for the day brings out the new guidelines.

(Hans-Gerd Claßen) #11

well this example is about 150 kb

if this is an option to you, you’ll reduce the filesize by a third up to a half using hype …

(Dennis van Leeuwen) #12

Even with CDN, the file size loaded adds up to the total here in Germany.
It’s a strange situation here at the moment. They don’t dare lean out of the set window of boundaries.

True true… I was allowed to do so with this banner. But as seen in the screenshot here I am dealing with companies still holding to their old ways. More specifications, I did not get.