Mp4 vs WebM in Safari and app hype

Before he did an experiment with the video with different mp4 format and webm with transparency background. I realized that Safari does not allow to watch the webM video.

In hype app for ipad and iphone does not allow to see it.

Chrome and Firefox if it works very well.

I do not know how it can be solved to replace automatic mp4 with javascript or something similar.

Hype will automatically choose the best format for the browser if you add both webm and mp4 sources. Are you finding something different?

Transparency isn’t allowed in mp4 video in safari.

good morning.

mp4 does not allow transparency. We already know a long time ago. But in webm if it works very well transparency and see in chrome and firefox but in safari it does not work and in hype reflect it does not work in webm either … I would like that you can fix it for activated?

I’m not sure what you mean - if you have a video element that has both mp4 and webm sources it should display the right one for the right browser. Can you send a sample zip document that is demonstrating the problem you’re running into? Thanks!

Yes: Chrome y Firefox
No: Safari, Hype Reflect

I’ve requested access to the file.

But the URL you sent A) doesn’t use Hype and B) Only has this code:

  <video id="video1" autoplay src="video/dancer1.webm" loop muted></video>
  <video id="video2" autoplay src="video/soccer1.webm" loop muted></video>
  <video id="chrome" class="transparent" src="video/chrome.webm" loop muted></video>

So you are not using video sources, nor a format Safari can play - Safari cannot play webm. You must provide mp4 for Safari, and that cannot have transparency.