MP4 not working in Chrome?

I’ve created a hype file with an embedded MP4 file. For the record, I’ve created supplementary OGV and WebM files. For some reason, the video does not work on Google Chrome. It works on Safari just fine.

Has anyone else run into this issue? I can’t really attach my file because the video itself is 9mb and the max upload limit is only 3mb.

Can you share using a file sharing service? should work (make sure you make a zip file first)

@liamking @Daniel

This project features both a Hype direct placement & video tag version: (1.9 MB)

Both Chrome & Firefox show no love for “.mp4” in this example - but Safari & Opera do.

In the past a palliative measure was to uncheck “Use Webkit graphics acceleration” - but this has no effect currently.

Addendum: Created a Dreamweaver page - results the same.

Hey Daniel,

Thanks for the help. I was having some issues with filedropper, so I just created a Google drive link.

This is super odd – no video file is being loaded at all in Chrome’s network tab, even after re-encoding it.

And regular HTML fails…

I’m looking into this…

I think this was an encoding issue. I re-encoded your videos and now it appears to work: (I used the app ‘Permute’ )

Hi Daniel!

What encoding procedure did You use? The example I posted was created by a “Screen Recording” generated by QuickTime [10.4 (855) ] using the default “.mp4” output.

For your video, I’m pretty baffled - I re-encoded it (just to be sure, using Permute’s MP4 setting, which uses h264 + aac audio) and I still couldn’t get it to play.

Interesting @Daniel

I had encoded the video myself using an app called Miro, but it didn’t work for me. The files you shared with me definitely did work.

I’m still learning about video encoding, but is there any advantage to using a product like ‘Permute’ to Adobe’s ‘Media Encoder’?

Thank you for solving my issue!

Just simplicity. Both will do the same thing.