Mp3 sound under hype animation

Hello, is it possible to add a mp3 sound under the hype animation.
Which start automatically? when I import it now, I get a button, and only when I click on the button in the browser the sound starts…

i also try it with the timeline action play sound and then select the mp3, but also no result.

isn’t there an easy way to import sound ??

There are a few ways to do this,
There are also factors that affects which root you go down mostly to do with what platform and browser you are using and the inheirent restrictions that come with them aimed at the end user not being exploited or distracted by unwanted sounds etc.

Have you done a search on the forum where much of this info/example/help already resides.

yes I did…try…I found a topic…were a download was of waveform…
but these download wasn’t playing audio also…so I was curious how to make it in basics

Have a look through

Also you have not given enough info in regard to your setup, platform or end goal.

So harder for us to point you in the right direction without having to re type all the stuff already covered on the forum in regards to autoplay and audio.

Audio generally cannot autoplay in browsers; a user action is required.

The only ways around it is if you are making a native application, you can configure the in-app web view to allow for audio.