Moving Object Clickable Problem

I have been working on ironing out some bugs in my Animation. I have 5 Objects that move across the screen. A Train, A Diesel, A Cloud, And Airplane, And a Space Ship. Im trying to get them to click with consistency. Right now it is very intermittent and i dont know why.

Here is what is supposed to happen. For Example: Cloud is floating from right to left. The user should be able to click on the cloud and have it stop. At the same time an infographic will appear. When the User Clicks on the Info graphic, the graphic disappears and the cloud begins moving again.

This is how all of the moving objects are supposed to work, sans the spaceship.

So far the most consistent one is the train. I have tried using Javascript and also tried pause/play custom behaviors.

Here is the WorkFlow: Ipad Layout

Symbol (city) > Symbol (Landscape) > Symbol (Airplane, Cloud, Train, Moving Truck)

Structure of the Moving Symbol:

Symbol (Cloud): Uid = cloud > Symbol (cloud-Info) Uid = cloud-info This symbol contain two timelines: Main Timeline and cloud-info.

On the cloud-info timeline are the two clickable objects.

Clicking cool-cloud-1 should pause the cloud and animate the infographic which is cloud-fact-1. When cloud-fact-1 is clicked it should close the infographic and resume the moving cloud.

If anyone has any time to help out I would appreciate it. My apologies for not having the perfect workflow. I am still new to HYPE but like ambitious projects.

Animation Project

Just a shot in the dark - you may want to try ‘on mouse down’ instead of ‘on mouse click’ - the fact that the element is moving might interfere with click detection.


Indeed it works a lot better.