Moving car effect

(james koh) #1

when you want to make a car catalog.
you can use this effect using controlling timeline by drag.
see the result.
you can see second page using swipe to the left.

if you want to see how i did it, file is also included. (441.4 KB)


Very cool thanks for sharing!

(Mark Hunte) #3

Did you intend to only include the exported html and not the hype document?

(Greg) #4

You can use the “Help” menu in Hype and go to “Restore Document from Export…” to open the project in a new Hype window.

(Mark Hunte) #5

I always wanted something like the Restore from export. That great to know. hype now has it (I suspect it may have had it for a while I just did not know :open_mouth: )


(james koh) #6

sorry my (407.4 KB)