Move workspace hype

good night to everyone

The only thing I hate most about hype is limited visual screen position. It doesn't allow you to move the screen free with keyboard space like Affinity and Photoshop have.

Here is the video. I would like the next version to allow unlimited position.

Imagine that if I want to make a very small drawing to move from outside the workspace and I can't look outside and I can't move to look outside... I hope that solves it.

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Thanks for the request -- to be certain I understand, you're asking for a secondary view of vector elements so that you can edit a highly zoomed in version but still see a zoomed out version at the same time?



Oh, gotchya. You just want to be able to scroll to parts where there are no elements. Hype currently restricts the size to the max bounds of where elements are located (or the scene if everything is inside). Thanks!

Yes, exactly!!!!

On top of that, I have a visual problem, it is very difficult for me to look for an element that does not move automatically... I feel too limited.

If I add without limitation I feel more calm.