Move everything in timeline down for an insert

Hello -

I’m wondering if there’s an easy way to do an insert in a timeline. I have a lot of elements and animations. I want to slow down an animation currently inserted in the timeline, but I’m hoping I don’t have to manually go into every other element in the scene and push their keyframes further down the timeline.

Is this possible?



you can select several animations and resize in one go …

not sure what you mean and maybe I’m being unclear.

I don’t want to “resize,” I want to reposition multiple keyframes further down the timeline.

For example - let’s say I have an animation at the 1 second mark and another at the 2 second mark. I want to insert a new animation at the 2-second mark. Can I do that in a way that simply pushes the current animation sitting at the 2-second mark to the 3-second mark, or do I have to manually drag it down?

You have to select the animations and manually drag; Hype does not use a magnetic timeline.