Move a Group from One File to Another

I have an extremely complex group full of text & rectangles making up a chart. I had to resize the whole thing in one animation (2 hours of work) and now need to bring that group over to another file as is.

How do I do that? I tried dragging from one file to another, that doesn’t work. If I make it a Symbol and export it, how do I “un-Symbol” it and keep all the contents the same? Ideally I could replace the one group for another and not lose the animation, but I can redo the animation if need be, just don’t want to redo the resizing to the table. Thanks for any help.

Cut-and-paste doesn’t work?

Ha! Thanks, yes, that works. :blush:

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I made it a Symbol and did it, how do you “de-Symbol” a symbol?

You can do that with “Groups”. You can’t do that with “Symbols”.

So, revert to a previous state where it’s not a symbol or just cut-and-paste everything out of the symbol and then delete it.

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Cool, thanks.