Mouseover/out menu and selection problem

I try to have a menu that appears and disappear with the mouseover. I’m new to Hype but after a few hours, I’m asking for help, I didn’t find the answer here after a few search even if I know this must be quiet simple (for me simple means with no script). I have the menu appearing in and out but when I want to select the sub-menu, I have the timeline starting over and going crazy (hereby a simplified version). The idea is to have a “zone” (sorry I’m French, maybe I’m not using the correct vocabulary) on the left of my screen where my menu is appearing.
thanks if someone can take time to help.
all the best from Marseille (70.2 KB)

I’d try using “continue timeline” instead of “start” in this case (and remove the Rectangle):

Screen Shot 2020-05-16 at 4.39.19 PM (70.5 KB)

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Dear Jonathan
thank you so much for your help, it worked !

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